BEEA is Brazilian singer and songwriter currently living in Los Angeles.

She is part of the new wave of completely self-empowered female artists bringing her voice to the pop music world. 


By the time she was 5 years old, Beea was performing with her father, a popular musician in his own right. And by the time she was 12, she was doing more than 100 shows with him each year. “It took me a while to understand that music was my dad’s job and the main source of income for our family. In my mind, he was just taking me to have fun and do what I love most in life – singing,” Beea recalls. 


With that early experience and support, Beea became firm in the type of artist she wanted to become. “I’m a woman. I’m Latin. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m a feminist. I’m also romantic. And spiritual. I can use my voice as a singer to talk about all these elements of my life and use it to connect with people.” 


In the past couple of years, Beea released a few singles and videos. They attracted a core group of fans who related to her honesty and passion. And then she boldly took some time off to learn more about the industry, and about herself. She attended the Musician’s Institute to get the education to confidently control her own business. And then she got back to writing, recording, and producing new material. 


The power and authenticity in the new music reflects Beea’s self-discovery and a commitment to her creativity. “Music is not even a choice – it’s my destiny. It’s my direct contact with God, the universe, the subconscious, quantum force – whatever that thing is that turns all the pieces I’m made of into a whole.” 


Beea performed at the Latin Grammys with Luis Fonsi’s band as a background vocalist on “Despacito.” Her song “Ride or Die” was a semi-finalist in the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest. 


“Permission” is the first single and video from Beea’s 2019 work. It reflects the impact of patriarchy on women, and messages that women can do and be whatever they want because “I don’t need permission.” The video – conceived and co-produced by Beea – is a stunning visual representation of all the aspects of empowered womanhood. And of the future we can expect from this amazing new artist.

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